Auctioning a house regularly comes as a result of a mixture of curb appeal, place, pricing, marketing, bargaining and other factors. This article centers a little bit on some of the assumption in lieu of how houses might be sold, why one is better off than the other due to some circumstances, cost factors, productivity, and usage. There’s never a thing as one way to sell or market a house. Many years ago, real estate agents were strongly dependent on newspaper advert placement, and that’s where most prospective buyers search for information. Recently, more data are readily available and though there is still plenty of room for newspaper advertising, it is not the first way, most of the period. Let’s take a glance at the five marketing alternatives.

1.    Direct verbal: These are one-on-one communication. This is also known as the face to face communication, phone calls, contacting a Realtor’s personal contact and so on. The merits include cost and the ability to communicate efficiently, effectively, check the home’s strengths and possible outcome, as well as inspire other individuals to take a peep of the house.  The demerit is that it is time-consuming and it is limited.

2.    Direct Marketing: These include the use of postcards, flyers, door hangers, for-sale signs and so on. Mailings have become expensive, especially when considering the extent of the low rate in the transaction, though it is sometimes a good addition and a positive method of sending out a message.

3.    Print media: These include newspapers, magazines, weekly circulars etc. These methods are kind of expensive and surveys show that most of the current buyers pay very minute attention to printed media rather than in the past. It is very expensive to manage as one ought to print on paper the necessary documents given.

4.    Digital (websites): The majority of attendees at Open houses mostly respond by saying website when asked how they heard about it. A lot of people make use of Trulia, Zillow, MLS, realtor.com or an enormous agency site. When listings are put on various listing service, several websites get the information and add it on their sites. There is a cost to this approach and it is probably the most bangs for the buck especially in terms of advertising real estate today.

5.    Social media: this includes LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook and much more. The merit of the social media is quite low or no cost, but people still find it difficult to purchase a home here as there is a bit of uncertainty as to their efficiency as a marketing instrument in selling a specific house. The social media sites are less trustworthy and in getting an advert from them can be tiresome. The end game is that a real estate agent must acknowledge, comprehend and utilize the best advertising instrument available for purchasing a particular house. It is dependent on type, price, niche, place etc., the options sometimes depend on the situation at hand.